Facts About Diabetes

You’re probably wondering why I would write an article discussing the facts of diabetes when  there are so many articles already covering this topic.

Well I can only say that it depends on what areas are discussed.  The information that I care about are the ones you can share with readers, the ones who have personally experienced diabetic symptoms.  That maybe other people with diabetes can relate to

This is my first experience being close to someone (married to) that has diabetes.  I have friends that deal with it, but you do not see them 24/7.

The medical field tells us that being over weight, not staying fit or eating right can trigger diabetes to appear.

That does not fit my husband Mike.  He is slender,  watches his weight carefully and stays active.  He eats better than I do.  I am a picky eater and I don’t eat  vegetables or fruit.

There is no family history of diabetes.  I guess he was randomly picked to have diabetes.   Another misnomer about diabetes.

Most of the issues we are seeing with the rise of diabetes (predominately with children) is the convenience of McDonald’s, Taco Bell and other fast food stops.

The thirst for soda pop and playing video games for hours.  Living a sedentary lifestyle.  

There have been numerous articles on diabetes becoming an epidemic.  Until we become proactive and teach our children the right foods, staying away from sugar and being more active, diabetes will keep expanding.

In closing, the facts of diabetes for me can be very debilitating to the diabetic.  I watch Mike everyday take a load of pills:  Glipizide; Metformin and Gout medicine, to name a few.

Struggle with burning feet because neuropathy has set in and his eye sight is now being affected too.

For me, being a borderline diabetic, the facts are very clear DO NOT BECOME A DIABETIC.