Do You Suffer With Anxiety and Depression

Do you suffer from anxiety and depression?  I have, more than once.  I just want to let you know it is perfectly normal to feel anxious or depressed from time to time in response to life’s struggles. 

It is important to recognize, when these feelings of anxiety and depression become prolonged, disproportionate or apparent for no significant reason, that you  need to seek help.

You do not ignore the emotions or the feelings you are experiencing, because the final solution is not the answer.  I know, I went down that road once many years ago, I was ready to stop living.  But because of my love for God, I got help. 

Thankfully diagnosis and treatment methods have come a long way, with many public health campaigns working towards bringing depression ‘out of the shadows’.

In my case I found a holistic doctor, who became my friend and mentor.  She discovered that my hormone medicine was causing the depression.  When I stopped taking it, I got my life back.  I was extremely lucky.

Symptoms of depression and anxiety can vary for each person, but the fact remains they are both an unnatural and unwelcome state of mental health.  

Characterized by a constant overwhelming state of fear or worry, anxiety can be debilitating too in its physical manifestations. The symptoms of depression may be similar with unrelenting feelings of sadness or despair.

The doctors are still not clear on what exactly causes  such mental illness,  however, changes in brain chemistry, genetic factors, and hormone function are all believed to play a role.

Irrespective of the cause, mental illness requires and generally responds to professional treatment.

The Best Methods of Treating Anxiety and Depression

The understanding of depression and anxiety has evolved over time, yet it still presents certain difficulties.  Depression and anxiety primarily affects the way an individual thinks, feels and in most cases subsequently behaves.

During an evaluation the doctor will generally rely upon the patients to identify these changes themselves.  To open up and seek help with a doctor requires trust.  So do your research and visit more than one doctor, if necessary.  Build a line of trust.

Along with the therapy or medication the doctor has chosen for you, they will begin focusing on improving your nutrition and implementing regular exercise. It is so important to repair the whole body through a healthy diet and healthy moves such as:  walking; jogging, or joining a gym.

Reducing or eliminating spikes caused by sugar-laden foods and stimulants, such as excess coffee, cigarettes, etc., will help in reducing the debilitating feelings associated with general anxiety.

I can’t emphasize this enough…approach the healing process of your body and soul as a journey of regaining your life back.  I have learned, to heal from depression and anxiety you must look at the whole picture.

Lastly,  the use of an antidepressant medication may be required,  this depends on the severity of the illness and is most often used in conjunction with psychotherapies.

Antidepressants can be very effective in some situations and like any medical case, treatment is generally specifically tailored to suit the individual. Antidepressants saved me and I have accepted the fact that I will be on them for the rest of my life.

So, do you suffer from depression or anxiety?  If you do…seek help immediately!  

“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow” by Albert Einstein

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