Is Thank You Used Anymore?

Thank You

I am bewildered and troubled.  Our courtesy to others, having manners and being respectful are quickly disappearing.  I wonder “Is Thank You Used Anymore?.

This I feel needs to be discussed.  I witness rudeness, impatience and anger everyday.  What is the reason for it?  We have stopped teaching our children proper manners.

Now I know I have shared with you my years of growing up in the 50’s and 60’s.  Manners were taught at school and at home.

We addressed our elders as Mr and Mrs… when a door was opened for you, you said thank you and you would greet people with a smile.

I still do those small courtesy’s to this day.

Now let us jump to the present and look at how technology has contributed to the loss of politeness.

This may be a long list, but stick with me:

  • Texting while eating with family and friends in a restaurant
  • Talking on your mobile phone too loud in a public place
  • Stepping out on a cross walk while talking on the phone and NEVER looking left and right for safety
  • Not saying thank you when a kind person opens the door for you
  • Cutting people off while driving and using the famous hand gesture to share your feelings about their driving.  (Road rage)
  • Cutting in line at a fast food place, purchasing movie tickets or seeing a live performance
  • Talking back to your parents and showing absolutely no respect… I personally witnessed an incident where a father was trying to get his son to behave,  The child responded by telling his dad that he would call the police if he touched him.
  • And the list goes on……….

The introduction of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so forth has changed the dynamics of socializing in our lives

Nothing is private anymore.  You can have thousands of friends without leaving your home.  You can create a whole new identity on your profile.

You can buy anything you want online and never leave your house/apartment.

You can read books, newspapers and up to date events on your tablet, mobile phone or laptop from the convenience of your sofa.

Inviting friends over for dinner, playing board games or cards, why do I want to do that when I have my thousands of friends on the computer.

And my final reality check….It Is All About ME….me…me…

We live in a fast paced world…and if we don’t keep up with it..we could lose that promotion, that job interview, that doctor’s appointment, your son/daughter’s soccer game………

So, my conclusion to the question “Do We Use Thank You Anymore?” is….rarely.

 We do not have time for those small but kind words that could bring a smile to someone’s face.

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